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LED Lighting

The Burrana LED cabin lighting solution is a simple and cost effective way to refresh your aircraft interior.


Our reliable and modular lighting products reduce airline maintenance costs and deliver an enhanced passenger experience by maximizing the comfort and ambience of the cabin.

Burrana LED Lighting is easy-to-install, configured for sidewall and ceiling use, and can directly replace most common aircraft light fixtures. Our lighting can be offered as a stand alone solution or fully integrated with our seat-centric GLIDE IFE system, with different lighting options according to the needs of your airline or aircraft.

  • White only: an economic LED solution for maintenance driven programs looking to achieve cheaper cost of ownership.

  • White +1: a mid-range solution with white plus one colour to reap the benefits of LED installation.

  • Full RGBW: a multicolour LED solution with 16 million colours and over 4 billion transitions, enabling full colour day/night transitions and mood setting.

Cabin crew can easily control our lighting solutions via touchscreen or through the Burrana Cabin Management Terminal, offering the ability to manipulate levels and colours during various stages of the flight.