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Passenger Power

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Burrana’s modular solutions make delivering Passenger Power to passengers simple, with lightweight solutions that are easy-to-install and affordable, with minimal installation time required, and little to no impact on passenger legroom.


Our Passenger Power solutions are highly customizable and designed to reduce the overall cost of delivery and maintenance for airlines. The option of controlled access via the Burrana Cabin Management Terminal allows pay-per-use inflight power service for passengers, when ancillary revenue is a primary objective.

Burrana offers numerous Passenger Power options for USB and laptop power, dependant on airlines’ needs and cabin configurations.

Our Passenger Power solutions include:

  • 2.1A high power USB only

  • 110V laptop power

  • our newest version of USB-only providing high power output to USB-C devices

Customers can tailor installation of Burrana Passenger Power options, for example:

  • as a fully integrated solution as part of our seat-centric GLIDE IFE system

  • in existing seats as part of a direct aircraft retrofit

  • as part of seat pre-integration in collaboration with seat vendors